Based on the hit stage play “To Gala” by Vassilis Katsikonouris, “Burning Heads” offers an insightful perspective into the life of a family of immigrants living in today's Athens.

Lefteris, a 20 year old bordering on schizophrenia, is indulged by his overprotective mother Rina as he lives life through his memories of childhood in the Russian countryside. In contrast, his older brother Antonis rejects his roots and follows his ambition as he prepares for a new life with his boss's daughter Natasa.

When Antonis brings home his Greek bride-to-be, the family dynamics are unravelled as each one is forced to face reality and deal with the issues that haunt them.


Giorgos Siougas was born in Athens, Greece in 1975. He studied film making at the London Film School (LFS). Giorgos has been directing prime-time mini-series for Greek television since 2003. He has also directed award-winning short films and several commercials. “Burning Heads” is his first feature film.




AntonisOmiros Poulakis
LefterisPromitheas Aliferopoulos
RinaIoanna Tsirigouli
NatasaIro Bezou


Director Giorgos Siougas
ScreenplayVasilis Katsikonouris, Nikos Vouteniotis
CinematographyYannis Drakoularakos
Film EditingYannis Tsitsopoulos
Set and Costume DesignEva Nathena
Makeup DepartmentKaterina Varthalitou
SoundMarinos Athanassopoulos
Co-producerΚostas Lambropoulos
ProductionCostas Lambropoulos, Christos V. Konstantakopoulos, Manos Krezias
Co-producersCL Productions, ODEON, Faliro House Productions, FilmInMind
PremiereSeptember 29, 2011 – Athens, Greece