Isolated and abandoned, surrounded by decaying sport venues, the Athens Olympic Village is today a near-deserted place, its only residents a few working class families offered free housing following the 2004 Games. Stuck inside the Village, a group of boys wander around the ruins playing distorted versions of Olympic games and organizing dog matings for money. The eldest of the gang, Dimitris(17) along with Anna, a retired athlete of 22, will try to escape the confines of the Village for the seaside Β- class resorts in the outskirts of Athens. During their visits and as they penetrate more and more into the lives of the foreign tourists, Dimitris’ desire for acceptance is tested in brutal ways.


Through the intersecting stories of the kids of the Olympic Village, Park
tries to create the portrayal of a lost generation that has been deprived of its future. Among the abandoned sport facilities, the ruins and the new-money tourist resorts, the film crosses Greece’s “glorious” past with the decadence of today, depicting a society unprepared for the brutal fall. In this remnant from the past, the kids' need to belong is vital and their efforts increasingly violent and futile.




DimitrisDimitris Kitsos
AnnaDimitra Vlagopoulou
JensThomas Bo Larsen
MarkosEnuki Gvenatadze
Dimitris's MotherLena Kitsopoulou
Mother's BoyfriendYorgos Pandeleakis


DirectorSofia Exarchou
WriterSofia Exarchou
EditorsNikos Mavropsaridis, Sofia Exarchou
CinematographyMonika Lenczewska
Line ProducerGiorgos Papadimitriou
HairChronis Tzimos
MakeupKiriaki Melidou
CostumesMarli Aliferi
SetsPinelopi Valti
Sound Stefanos Efthymiou
Sound DesignPersefoni Miliou, Valia Tserou
Sound MixingKostas Varybopiotis
MusicThe Boy
Associate ProducersKlaudia Śmieja, Beata Rzeźniczek
ProducersAmanda Livanou, Christos V. Konstantakopoulos
Production CompaniesFaliro House, Neda Film
Co-ProductionGreek Film Centre, ERT
With The Support of The Sundance Institute, The Onassis Foundation, CNC, Eurimages