Telemachus, a 50-year-old poverty stricken actor with a glorious past, flees Athens to escape his creditors. He travels to the heart of historic Messinia and finds refuge in Polypylon, a decrepit castle once bustling with activity but now empty except for its two inhabitants, brothers Euhemerus and Myron. While exploring the beautiful countryside, he meets and falls in love with Democracy, Euhemerus’ estranged daughter and leader of a group of volunteers, “Riders of Pylos”.

Desperate to win the heart of his much younger love interest, Telemachus comes face to face with his shortcomings and decides to retake life by the reins.


Taking example from Socrates—the original “gadfly”—Nikos Kalogeropoulos has devoted his life’s work to the unsettling of modern Greek society and its conceptions on how life should be lived and ruled. In addition to being a multi-awarded actor, he is also a playwright, composer, lyricist, poet and prosaist.

In “Riders of Pylos”, his first feature film, he summons values and examples from all stages of Greek history, and approaches storytelling with an air of freedom consistent to his main character’s values.

His awards include two Greek State Awards for Best Actor in a leading role and one for Best Actor in a supporting role as well as the prestigious Greek State Award for Exceptional Performance for his lead in “Rembetiko” by Kostas Ferris.




Telemachus Kotronis Nikos Kalogeropoulos
DemocracyIoulia Kalogridi
MyronIlias Logothetis
VoikalisGiorgos Kimoulis
Gypsy trader Antonis Kafetzopoulos
DoctorAntonis Theodorakopoulos
BabisTakis Spiridakis
HaidoVanna Barba
EuhemerusDimitris Kaberidis
KavathisVasilis Tsimbidis
SandyMaria Kalagbor


DirectorNikos Kalogeropoulos
ScreenplayNikos Kalogeropoulos
CinematographyYannis Drakoularakos
EditorYorgos Mavropsaridis
MusicNikos Kalogeropoulos
Sound Recording Marinos Athanassopoulos
ProducersChristos V. Konstantakopoulos, Marina Konstantakopoulos
Co-producer Kostas Lambropoulos
Co-producers CL Productions, Faliro House Productions
PremiereMarch 10, 2011 – Athens, Greece