Jordan, 1967. Tarek, 11, eccentric and unbounded, runs away from home in a search for freedom. A journey of the human spirit that knows no borders.

1967. The world is alive with change: brimming with reawakened energy, new styles, music and an infectious sense of hope. In Jordan, a different kind of change is underway as tens of thousands of refugees pour across the border from Palestine. Having been separated from his father in the chaos of war, Tarek, 11, and his mother Ghaydaa, are amongst this latest wave of refugees. Placed in “temporary” refugee camps made up of tents and prefab houses until they would be able to return, they wait, like the generation before them who arrived in 1948. With difficulties adjusting to life in Harir camp and a longing to be reunited with his father, Tarek searches a way out, and discovers a new hope emerging with the times. Eventually his free spirit and curious nature lead him to a group of people on a journey that will change their lives.

When I Saw You is the story of people affected by the times around them, in search of something more in their lives. A journey full of adventure, love, humor, and the desire to be free, but most of all this is a story about that moment in a person's life when he wakes up and finds the whole world is open and everything is possible - that moment you feel most alive.


Annemarie Jacir is an internationally and critically acclaimed filmmaker and screenwriter living in Jordan. Named one of Filmmaker magazine’s 25 New Faces of Independent Cinema, two of her films have premiered as Official Selections at the Cannes Film Festival, one as an Academy Awards qualifier, and one in Venice. Her first feature film, Salt of this Sea, was Palestine’s Official Oscar Entry for Best Foreign Language Film and was also noted as the first feature film directed by a Palestinian woman.

Jacir co-founded Philistine Films, an independent production company, focusing on productions related to the Arab world. Annemarie teaches screenwriting and works as an editor as well as film curator, actively promoting independent cinema. In 2011, renown Chinese director Zhang Yimou selected her to be his first protégée as part of the Rolex Arts Initiative.




TarekMahmoud Asfa
GhaydaaRuba Blal
LaythSaleh Bakri
Abu AkramAli Elayan
ZainRuba Shamshoum
TouissantAhmad Srour
MajedFiras W. Taybeh


DirectorAnnemarie Jacir
ScreenplayAnnemarie Jacir
CinematographyHélène Louvart
EditorAnnemarie Jacir, Panos Voutsaras
Art DirectionHussein Baydoun
Costume Design Hamada Atallah
Original MusicKamran Rastegar
Sound RecordistRaja Dubayeh
Sound Designer and mixerKostas Varibopiotis
Executive ProducersAnnemarie Jacir, Christos V. Konstantakopoulos
ProducerOssama Bawardi
Co ProducersMaya Sanbar, Sawsan Asfari, Rami Yasin
ProductionPhilistine Films, Lamma Shoftak, Faliro House Productions, Tariq Al Ghussein, Cactus Films