December 2011

ATTENBERG - Attenberg announced as a runner-up in the Best Foreign Language Film category of the Toronto Film Critics Association Awards 2011> Facebook Link

November 2011

SHOOTING VS SHOOTING - Shooting vs Shooting is awarded a Special Jury Award at the International “Gold Panda” Awards for Documentary of the Sichuan TV Festival>

ATTENBERG - Attenberg wins Special Jury Prize at the American Film Institute's Fest (AFI Fest 2011)>

"This morning, in the same Roosevelt Hotel ballroom that witnessed the first Academy Awards ceremony in 1929, AFI FEST 2011 presented by Audi awarded the four short films and eight features that garnered this year’s audience and jury prizes. The Egyptian Theatre will hold encore screenings of the winning films later today.

“We always say there’s no festival without the films, and every year we just go out on a limb, blindly looking, hoping that we’re going to find these discoveries that will make for a spectacular program. This year we found several that were extraordinary beyond our belief, and we had a tough time narrowing it down to which ones would make it into the festival,” said AFI FEST director Jacqueline Lyanga.

Speaking of the 2011 Shorts Program with fervor, Associate Director of Programming Lane Kneedler remarked, “With short films you always see the most original, the most exciting, the most inspiring films anywhere.”

The mood was as grand as the opulent setting, as the filmmakers dined on a brunch of eggs, bacon and croissants, many sipping mimosas or bloody marys. One filmmaker, WUSS’s Clay Liford, who was not able to make it to the awards ceremony was brought to the room through the power of technology—a friend held his iPhone to the microphone to allow Clay to thank the audience from Texas. Laughter ensued.

As is tradition, the jury-chosen winners of the Short Film Awards will be recognized by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as qualified for the annual Academy Awards®.

Special Jury Prize: ATTENBERG: A clever, fresh take on “coming-of-age” that meanwhile pokes at modernity. Athina Rachel Tsangari. Greece." Facebook Link

ALPS - Alps makes its US premiere at Los Angeles' AFI FEST 2011>

"Acclaimed Greek auteur Yorgos Lanthimos makes his first appearance at AFI FEST with his newest film, ALPS. A paramedic, a nurse, a gymnast and her coach have formed a group they call Alps. They provide a most unusual service for families coping with the loss of a loved one: they inhabit the role of the dearly departed to alleviate grieving. Their leader, the paramedic who calls himself Mont Blanc, enforces a strict code of conduct which is broken when Monte Rosa, the nurse, decides to take on her own client. Reteaming with his DOGTOOTH co-writer Efthymis Filippou and star Aggeliki Papoulia, Lanthimos offers his unique vision of how society deals with death and how the roles we play in life can end up defining us. "

ATTENBERG - Attenberg showing at Los Angeles' AFI FEST 2011>

"Greece's Official Foreign-Language Oscar Submission

Athina Rachel Tsangari's ATTENBERG is a unique spin on the coming-of-age-film. In a stark white crumbling town by the sea, 23-year-old Marina has grown up an outsider to human interaction, splitting her time between caring for her dying father and receiving lessons in human intimacy from her only friend Bella. Finding the human species almost alien, Marina observes life through the lens of her hero, Sir David Attenborough and the music of Suicide. In the midst of preparing for her father's impending death, Marina meets Spyros, a visiting engineer with whom she explores her newly awakened sexuality. In her second feature film, Tsangari makes her mark as a defining voice among the new wave of Greek cinema, with a film that defies convention and injects humor and sincerity into what are truly the defining moments in life. "

October 2011

ALPS - Alps released to movie theatres in Greece>

 Facebook Link

RIDERS OF PYLOS - Riders of Pylos wins four awards at the 4th annual London Greek Film Festival (LGFF)>

Riders of Pylos wins four awards at the 4th annual London Greek Film Festival (LGFF), including Best Film, Best Photography. Facebook Link

Both ALPS and RAW MATERIAL showing at the 2011 Reykjavik International Film Festival (RIFF)>

RIDERS OF PYLOS - Riders of Pylos showing at the 18th Greek Film Festival of Australia>

Monday 17 October, 8.45pm Thursday 20 October, 6.45pm

Friday 21 October, 6.45pm

Sunday 30 October, 6.45pm

ALPS - Alps showing at the 55th BFI London Film Festival> Facebook Link

ATTENBERG - Attenberg wins Best Film at the Romanian International Film Festival (RO-IFF) 2011>

RAW MATERIAL - Raw Material showing at CineEco 2011>

RAW MATERIAL - Raw Material gets special mention from the jury at the 7th Zurich Film Festival awards>

International Documentary Film Competition

Golden Eye: BUCK (Cindy Meehl, USA)
Special mentions of the jury: LEMON, RAW MATERIAL

September 2011

BURNING HEADS - Burning Heads released to movie theatres in Greece>

ATTENBERG - Attenberg is Greece's official submission for the 2012 Best Foreign Language Film Academy Award>

Athena Rachel Tsangari's Attenberg Athena Rachel Tsangari's Attenberg is Greece's official submission for the 2012 Best Foreign Language Film Academy Award. Last year, Attenberg earned Ariane Labed the Best Actress Volpi Cup at the Venice Film Festival, and the Special Jury Prize at the Thessaloniki Film Festival. In addition to Labed, Attenberg stars Yorgos Lanthimos, director of the 2011 Best Foreign Language Film Oscar nominee Dogtooth, on which Tsangari worked as an associate producer. Attenberg chronicles the complex life of Marina (Labed) a young woman with un unfulfilled sex life — not into men, not satisfied with women — and her relationship with her dying father. The title refers to the heroine's mangling of documentarian David Attenborough's name. Facebook Link

RAW MATERIAL - Raw Material showing at the 7th Zurich Film Festival>

BURNING HEADS - Burning Heads Greek premiere at the 17th Athens International Film Festival>

ALPS - Alps Canadian premiere at the 2011 Toronto Film Festival (TIFF)>

"Yorgos Lanthimos' follow-up to his outrageous, Academy Award®–nominated Dogtooth presents another bizarre, game-driven scenario even more entertainingly perverse than the Bunuelian antics of Dogtooth's syntactically-muddled clan of recluses. A mysterious underground outfit that dubs itself "Alps" has developed a most unusual line of business: for a nominal fee, they inhabit the role of people's dearly departed, adopting their mannerisms and wearing their clothes until the bereaved can finally obtain some measure of acceptance and closure. Curiously, business is relatively booming — until one of the Alps members, a hard-working nurse (Dogtooth's Aggeliki Papoulia) who has developed an imaginary friendship with a comatose patient, takes her role-playing farther than the team's strict rules allow. Absurd, disturbing and often helplessly hilarious, Alps is yet further proof that Lanthimos is a master in the making."

ALPS - Alps wins the Osella award for Best Screenplay at the 68th Venice International Film Festival>

Yorgos Lanthimos' Alps wins the "Osella" award for Best Screenplay at the 68th Venice Film Festival. The screenplay was co-written by Yorgos Lanthimos and Efthymis Filippou.
The jury motivated the choice as being a film with “the originality and boldness …opening new possibilities of script and expressive language of film.”
"Alps" will premiere at Greek theaters on October 27. Facebook Link

ALPS - Alps worldwide premiere the 68th Venice International Film Festival>

Screenings :

3 September 22:30 - PalaBiennale
3 September 22:00 - Sala Grande

August 2011

ALPS - Alps in competition at the 68th Venice International Film Festival>

ATTENBERG - Attenberg wins Grand Prix at Wroclaw’s New Horizons Festival>

Greek filmmaker Athina Rachel Tsangari won this year’s Grand Prix for her feature debut Attenberg at the 11th edition of the New Horizons International Film Festival which sold more than 110,000 tickets in its eleven days from July 21-31.

Accepting the award from last year’s Grand Prix winner Anocha Suwichakornpong, Tsangari said that she was “particularly moved” to receive this award at “a festival which respects and loves cinema” and dedicated her prize to her cast, crew and Greek cinema. Facebook Link

July 2011

ALPS - Alps secures competition slot at the 68th Venice International Film Festival>

Co-written and directed by Yorgos Lanthimos, expected to be released in fall 2011

RAW MATERIAL - Raw Material in competition at the 46th Karlovy Vary Film Festival>

June 2011

KNIFER - Knifer wins the Orpheus Award for Best Feature Film at the 2011 Los Angeles Greek Film Festival (LAGFF)> Facebook Link

KNIFER - Knifer’s US premiere at the 2011 Los Angeles Greek Film Festival (LAGFF)>

"In this artful B&W account of a decaying middle class, Nikos moves in with his brutish uncle to guard his dogs, but soon finds out that he must pull himself together in order to set things right."

BURNING HEADS - Burning Heads world premiere at the 2011 Los Angeles Greek Film Festival (LAGFF)>

Facebook Link Facebook Link

May 2011

Both KNIFER AND ATTENBERG win awards at the 2011 Hellenic Film Academy Awards>

At the 2011 Hellenic Film Academy Awards, Faliro House Productions was honored with awards for 2 films. Yannis Economides' "Knifer" and Athina Rachel Tsangari's "Attenberg".

"Knifer" took home 7 awards, including Best Feature Fiction Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Set Design, Best Sound, Best Editing and Best Cinematography.

"Attenberg" won the Best Actress award. Facebook Link

April 2011

ATTENBERG - Attenberg wins the Audience Award and Athina Rachel Tsangari wins the Silver Puma for Best Director at FICUNAM, the International Film Festival of Mexico’s National University. >

ATTENBERG - Attenberg has been awarded the International Feature Film award at the Dortmund / Cologne International Women's Film Festival>

March 2011

ATTENBERG - Attenberg showing at the South by Southwest Music & Film Interactive Festival>

Screening Time :

Thursday March 17

Paramount Theatre

RAW MATERIAL - Raw Material premieres at the 13th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival>

RIDERS OF PYLOS - Riders of Pylos released to movie theatres in Greece>

Riders of Pylos released to movie theatres in Greece on the 10th of March 2011

 Facebook Link

ATTENBERG - Attenberg in the 2011 New Directors / New Films Official Selection.>

"As always, ND/NF offers plenty of opportunity to talk to directors about process, both on stage and online. I was heartened to hear from, Athina Rachel Tsangari, director of the excellent Attenberg, that her first film festival experience (as a ticket-buyer) was at New Directors/New Films."

February 2011

ATTENBERG - Attenberg’s Swedish premiere at the Göteborg International Film Festival>

ATTENBERG - Attenberg’s Swedish premiere at the Göteborg International Film Festival

ATTENBERG - Ariane Labed wins Best Actress Award at the 23rd Angers Premiers Plans Film Festival>

January 2011

ATTENBERG - Attenberg’s Canadian premiere at the 2010 Toronto Film Festival (TIFF)>

ATTENBERG - Attenberg’s US premiere at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival>