The Greek cash rebate scheme facilitates and supports your production in Greece.

The Greek Cash Rebate

The Greek Cash Rebate is a production incentive that amounts to 40% of the eligible below and above the line costs, incurred in Greece, during pre-production, principal photography and post-production.

When qualified expenditure exceeds 8.000.000 euros, Director, Cast 1, and Cast 2 foreign payroll expenses can be considered as eligible costs for up to 20% of total qualified expenditure.

For more details on the Incentive, visit EKOME's Official Website.

Who is eligible?

Eligible works are feature fiction films, documentaries, TV series, animation and digital games. The rebate does not apply to pilot episodes, commercials, reality TV shows, sports or current affairs shows.

How can I apply?

Applications are submitted online all year long via EKOME S.A.

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