Kostis is a 42-year-old doctor that finds himself in the small island of Antiparos, in order to take over the local clinic. His whole life and routine will turn upside down when he meets an international group of young and beautiful tourists and he falls in love with Anna, a 19-year-old goddess.


Getting a Suntan is beautiful, is dangerous and it fades away quickly - just like youth.
We shot my most personal film to date during the summertime on the tiny island of Antiparos, when the place was packed with non-stop party-goers.
Shooting a film at the busiest time of the season on a Greek island might sound like mission impossible to some, but to me, it was an obvious choice. I ’ve been going to Antiparos since I was 15 years old, like any hormonal teenager, and I still refuse to give up - although I’m dangerously close to the age of my leading man, Kostis.
At his early forties, Kostis is a non-typical specimen of the adult world. He doesn’t have a family of his own, like most men of his age, but he too is a prisoner of his own body, forced to stand by and watch it wither away, unable to resist the merciless passage of time.
He is faced with five prime examples of youth, a time of life that has long passed him by, probably never lived to the fullest. A time of frolicking and leisure and, most importantly, a time of physical carelessness where the body is king. It’s the age when one most lusts exhilaration, playing, dancing, falling in love and pursuing the passions of the flesh.
The eternal Greek Summer provided the perfect background for this extravagance of craving and everything that goes with it: flirting, casual sex, drugs, alcohol and generally pushing the boundaries to see how far your body can go.
In the exploration of my hero’s boundaries and his journey to the unknown land of physicality, I came across a terra incognita of my own - somewhat ironically, I ended up inventing a genre: genre: I introduce you to the coming of middle age film.


Argyris Papadimitropoulos was born the year the Ramones released their legendary debut album, and this might somewhat explain his punk temperament.

After directing two multi-awarded shorts (Pendulum, 2003 and Tender, 2004) and receiving a Berlinale Talent Campus stamp on his film passport, Argyris went on to become the youngest Greek filmmaker to direct a box-office feature hit. Bank Bang, which came out in 2008, went on to become a major commercial and critical hit, with 500.000 BO admissions and rave reviews. The film also won the First Time Director Award from the Hellenic Film Academy.

His follow-up, 2011’s Wasted Youth, opened the 40th Rotterdam International Film Festival and has since travelled to more than 40 festivals around the world, such as Toronto, BAFICI, Karlovy Vary, Munich among others.

His latest film Suntan (2016) premiered in Rotterdam Film Festival and SXSW's Narrative Spotlight. Right after that Suntan won the best film award in Edinburgh film festival, the youth jury award in Brussels and a nomination for the Lux Prize of the European Parliament.

Argyris is constantly making films and doing whatever he can to shoot projects. Up to this day, Argyris has directed more than 200 commercials, rising to become one of Europe’s top ad directors.

He often puts on his producer hat with his own Oxymoron Films, presenting the world with award-winning features such as Berlinale’s sensation At Home (2014).

Last but not least, Argyris has no hobbies whatsoever.




KostisMakis Papadimitriou
AnnaElli Tringou
JasonDimi Hart
AlinHara Kotsali
MilaMilou Van Groesen
MortenMarcus Collen
TakisYannis Tsortekis
MayorPavlos Orkopoulos
TzinaMaria Kallimani
Tourist MotherMarisha Triantafyllidou
OrestisSyllas Tzoumerkas
Tourist DoctorAchilleas Kyriakidis
Mini Market OwnerKostas Gouzelis
ArgyrisKonstantinos Melitas


Director Argyris Papadimitropoulos
WritersArgyris Papadimitropoulos, Syllas Tzoumerkas
Director of PhotographyChristos Karamanis
Editor Napoleon Stratogiannakis
SoundCostas Fylaktidis, Leandros Ntounis, Dimitris Rouhitsas
Casting Christina Akzoti, Alex Kelly
Production DesignAliki Kouvaka
Evi ZafiropoulouEvi Zafiropoulou
Costume DesignMarli Aliferi
ProducersPhaedra Vokali, Argyris Papadimitropoulos
Executive ProducerChristos V. Konstantakopoulos
Co-ProducersErnst Fassbender, Theodora Valenti, Konstantina Stavrianou, Petros Pappas, Stelios Kotionis, Lasse Scharpen
Production CompaniesMarni Films, Oxymoron Films
Co-Production CompaniesFaliro House S.A., Graal S.A., Fassb Films, Theodora Valenti, Foss Productions
World Sales Visit Films